4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results in the Gym

4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results in the Gym

By Amanda Sherman


Let’s assume you ARE coming to the gym consistently, making conscious decisions about what you eat, aiming to make the best choices for your health, taking your vitamins, drinking your water, etc. BUT not getting the results you desire?  Here are 4 reasons you’re not getting the results you WANT and what to do instead to help you achieve them.

Reason # 1:  Your Program isn’t designed for YOU

One of the biggest reasons I see people not getting where they want to go is:  a) they don’t have a plan -OR- b) the plan they are following was not designed for them and the results they are trying to achieve.

I know it can be tempting to do what your friend is doing because, hey it worked for them so why wouldn’t it work for you, right?  Or, what about that YouTube Fitness Channel/Instagram Model you admire so much?  They SWEAR by their program, so why isn’t it working FOR YOU?

There are so many variables to consider when programming for results:

  • What are your specific goals?
  • What is your plan to get there? Do you have one? (Cardio, weights, classes?)
  • How much time can you invest daily/weekly towards achieving them?
  • Is there a specific motivation for achieving them?  (Wedding, reunion, health issue)
  • Are you willing to adjust your diet, as well?  Sleep habits?  Implement meditation etc.?
  • What have you tried in the past?  Did it work?  How many times have you tried to reach this goal?
  • Are you willing to commit to trying as many things as it takes until you get where you want to go?
  • Would you be willing to invest in a Coach to guide you on your journey, even if just to get you started and teach you HOW, and provide you with a plan for YOU and YOUR goals based on the answers you gave above?

Time and time again, I see members join a gym so gung-ho to get to their goal when they first walk through the door, and they come consistently for the first few weeks/months, they start that diet, BUT if they don’t get results quick enough or any results at all, they get discouraged and stop coming.  Maybe the diet is too strict, and they don’t know what else to do besides get on the treadmill, they put in the work, so far as they can tell, but they’re not getting where they want to go, or not getting there fast enough to keep them going.  And, then they quit.  Some time goes by, they get the gusto to start up again, and the cycle repeats.  

Does this sound like you?  How many times have stopped and started without getting or keeping the results you truly desire? Let us help you!! 

We help members get results EVERY DAY!!  We can customize a workout program specifically for YOU and YOUR GOALS.  


We can construct a nutrition plan that you like and can follow not just for a few weeks or months but one that you’ll love and stick to.  


And, we will arm you with the right mindset to CRUSH your goals and change your life!


So, what are you waiting for?  Email … and let’s get started TODAY!


Reason # 2:  You’re not eating ENOUGH

Yes, you heard me correctly!  In all my years of coaching clients, I can’t tell you how many times it wasn’t that the reason clients weren’t getting results wasn’t a lack of working out, or even the program they were following.  They weren’t eating too much, but rather the opposite was true!  They weren’t eating enough -OR- they weren’t eating enough of the right foods in the right ratios to support the goals they were working towards.  


Surprise, surprise this does NOT just apply to the ladies!  Do you know how many men were dieting and not eating enough?  When I increased their calorie intake and they were eating MORE, the weight fell off or they finally got that 6-pack, chiseled chest, biceps, etc…. #truestorybro


When you apply too much of a calorie deficit either by diet or from calories burned during exercise, you can slow down your metabolism to the point where results stall completely, or even worse, you eat less and gain more weight/fat.


Just like your workout program, no one-size-fits-all answer applies to nutrition.  Even if you’re the same age, gender, work the same job, etc. EVERY body is different, so no 1 diet will work for everyone.  But, the good news is that it’s pretty easy to customize a plan that will not only help you achieve the results you want but based on foods you actually like! The calories and macro ratios are all adaptable based on the changes you are willing to make and stick to.  The way I like to put it, “You can live in a world where EVERYTHING is allowed, as long as you make sure you are getting the nutrients you NEED first.”


Don’t know how to determine a baseline calorie budget yet or what macro ratio is right for you?  We got you!  Email … to sign up for a nutrition session today (or sign up for this Nutrition workshop to learn everything you need to know to map out a plan for your success!)


Reason # 3:  You are OVERtraining

It’s true, you can do too much of a good thing!  Did you know that results come from not just the work you put in, but what you can RECOVER from?  If you train too hard, and/or too often, not only do you increase your chances of getting injured, but you can slow down or halt your progress altogether.  So less IS sometimes more, at least when it comes to getting results!


The frequency with which you train each muscle group, the volume of sets/reps, time under tension, and rest periods between exercises/sets can all play a pivotal role in how well you perform during your workouts and how well you recover.  More weight, reps, and frequency do NOT equal more results.  What does equal more results? The truth is, whatever program is getting you results consistently!  I know, the “it depends” is not an easy answer because it means experimenting with these variables until you dial them in to get where you want to go and keep making the progress you want to make.  And, reexamining these variables when you plateau and making the changes to maintain where you’re at or keep making progress over time.


Just like nutrition, yep, you guessed it; it is different for everyone.  How many hours of sleep you need, how you manage stress levels, and what nutrition fuels you and gives you the energy you need to work through and recover from your workouts varies greatly.  The good news is, just like determining what workout and nutrition program to follow, if you’re willing to track these variables, you can unlock the proverbial Rubix cube of recovery too.  If you dial all 3 of these in, watch your results skyrocket at turbo speed.  You would be amazed at how working out 1 day less,1 set less, or 1 day of active recovery can do for your progress.  Or, maybe for you, it’s adjusting your sleep schedule slightly, adding meditation to your routine, or a supplement you may add to your diet to help you overcome the plateau you may have hit some time ago.


Want some ways to improve your recovery? Email amanda@spa23.com today and let’s unlock the key(s) to your success!


Reason # 4:  You don’t believe you can

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford

Ok, I can FEEL you rolling your eyes already! I get it, maybe you’ve heard this quote before.  Or, it seems like a throwaway statement because you can’t just think your way thin or with a 6 pack, right?  And, you’re 100% correct.  You have to do the work for sure.  BUT, if you don’t believe it’s possible to achieve the results you want, then you may not be open to the changes that will help you get there.  Or, you may not stick it out long enough to succeed.


Your thoughts heavily influence your actions, whether you realize it or not.  The science on this varies, but studies show that anywhere from 47-95% of what we do EVERY DAY  is on autopilot!  Every thought you think, every food you eat, everywhere you go, and everything you do is mostly just out of habit.  At least half is not even a conscious decision!! Soooo, that being said, it would be helpful if 1:  you learn what habits and thoughts are driving you, and 2: reprogram them to habits and thoughts that actually add up to your benefit, not your detriment.


We are hardwired to actively seek out “evidence” of what we believe to be true.  So if you think deep down, it’s impossible to lose that 20 lbs, or get that pull-up, or (insert whatever goal you have here), then you will unconsciously seek proof to support this belief. And, you will never seek to prove yourself wrong!   You may weigh yourself daily for 3 weeks and see no change or gain 1-2 lbs and think, “See, I knew this wouldn’t work,” and give up.  Do you know that muscle weighs more than fat?  You could potentially gain 2 lbs but be slimmer and more toned.  What are you measuring to gauge your success?  What if you spent 2 more weeks priming your engine for success and the results started pouring in?  

Another quote I love is, “Nothing changes if nothing changes!”  I’m not sure who said this, but I’ve found it to be true every single time.  You have to believe it’s possible in order to uncover what obstacles are keeping you from achieving your goals to see it through and make as many revisions as necessary in your plan until you reach the proverbial promise land, my friends.


But, yes you can!  You just need to stack the evidence in your FAVOR!  And, we can show you how.  Let us coach you through the roadblocks you’ve set up.  On the other side of that fear and doubt is the body, health, and life of your dreams.  Email david@spa23.com To set up a life coaching session today!

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