Dear Members & Friends,

Great news!  Spa 23 is now open for massage, swim lessons, workouts, personal training, yoga, and more.  Come inside now and get your body back in shape. Camp Spa 23 is open too!

Spa 23 is thrilled to invite you into the club! We look forward to welcoming you back with many different COMPLIMENTARY individual workout opportunities for a limited time only, including Strength Training, Free weights, Yoga, Cycling, Crossfit, “Group” Fight, “Group” Power, Centergy, and more. You’ll have 3 complimentary individual workouts inside the club, or take a complimentary class in our BeYoga studio. Please visit our website at for our new Beyoga indoor class schedule.

To secure your individual workout appointment, please email Member Services at Appointments will be offered based on availability and we are expecting high demand, so be sure to contact us early.

If you do return to the club please go to our website,, to see our Opening Playbook. It goes over what we are doing to keep you safe and help you feel more comfortable. Please note this Playbook is a work in progress and will be updated as requirements and protocols change. If you would like to come and see our club improvements, or review our new sanitation procedures before deciding to join us for a workout, Member Services invites you to schedule a personal visit inside to experience Spa 23 first. Please contact to schedule.

Very truly yours,
Cary Adler        Joe Pedatella

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Aileen E.

I joined Spa 23 to get in shape after having my son. I take classes, do cardio, do weighting training, and take personal training with Becky. I love the environment and the people are nice and friendly. Spa 23 has helped me become more active and aware of my health.

Aileen E. Member Since 2015
Tammy R.

I joined Spa 23 to get back into shape after taking a few years off. I do cardio and lift weights and love working out my upper body. I love the staff. They are awesome! I also like how Spa 23 is always updating and improving things. Spa 23 helped me get in better shape than when I was younger, and I met a lot of great friends along the way.

Tammy R. Member Since 2013