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Aileen E.

I joined Spa 23 to get in shape after having my son. I take classes, do cardio, do weighting training, and take personal training with Becky. I love the environment and the people are nice and friendly. Spa 23 has helped me become more active and aware of my health.

Aileen E. Member Since 2015
David D.

I joined Spa 23 because I wanted to get ready for the Navy and also better myself. I take personal training with Tim, do CrossFit, and use the pool. I love the excellent staff and the great classes. Spa 23 has helped me become more physically and mentally stronger. I feel healthier and happier, and I'm learning to push myself!

David D. Member Since 2018
Tammy R.

I joined Spa 23 to get back into shape after taking a few years off. I do cardio and lift weights and love working out my upper body. I love the staff. They are awesome! I also like how Spa 23 is always updating and improving things. Spa 23 helped me get in better shape than when I was younger, and I met a lot of great friends along the way.

Tammy R. Member Since 2013