Spa 23 Swim School

Welcome to the Exciting World of Spa 23 Swim School!

At Spa 23 Swim School, we believe in transforming every swimmer, from tiny tots to confident teens, into safe, proficient water enthusiasts. Our mission is to instill not just swimming skills but also confidence, creating a foundation for a lifetime of water safety and enjoyment.

Why Learn to Swim with Spa 23:

🌟 Safety First, Always: Equip your child with an invaluable life skill. Learning to swim early ensures their safety in and around water, giving you peace of mind.

🏊‍♂️ Expert Guidance: Our instructors are dedicated to your child’s success. With a low student-to-instructor ratio, we provide personalized attention, fostering a learning environment where every stroke counts.

🌐 Connected Learning: Join our vibrant community on our private Facebook group! Celebrate your child’s achievements, stay informed about class promotions, and connect with other Spa 23 Swim School families. Your child is not just learning to swim; they’re joining a community that cheers for every splash and triumph.

🏅 Celebrate Milestones: Watch your child shine as they collect brag tags for each level completed. With 8 progressive levels, your child will feel accomplished, reaching the pinnacle of achievement in our highest level – Tsunami!

🌊 Dive into Fun: Our lessons are not just about skills; they’re about creating memorable experiences. Our weekly program, starting at just $129.99 per month, includes 4 lessons and a bonus Family Swim session (valued at $45).

Enroll Now and Dive into Excellence:

Ready to embark on a journey of aquatic excellence? Monthly enrollment is open! Contact our Aquatics Team at or call 973-839-8823 option #3 for more information and to secure your child’s spot.

At Spa 23 Swim School, we don’t just teach swimming; we create water champions. Join us and watch your child thrive in the world of water! 🌊✨

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