Dive into Safety and Success with Our Private Swim Lessons!

At Spa 23 Aquatics, we understand the importance of making swimming lessons a fun and safe experience for children. Our private kids’ swim lessons go beyond just teaching swimming; they focus on building water confidence and emphasizing essential water safety skills.

Why Choose Our Private Swim Lessons?

1. Fast and Effective Mastery Accelerate your swimming skills with focused, one-on-one instruction tailored to your needs.

2. Individualized Pace Progress at your own speed, building confidence with each lesson.

3. Expert Guidance Connect with our caring instructors who prioritize your safety and success.

4. Flexible Options Lessons available for all ages and skill levels.

5. Semi-Private Bliss Customize your experience by opting for lessons with your favorite friends or family members.

Pricing That Fits Your Plan

  • Monthly Plan: Starting at $48 per 30-minute session (conditions apply).
  • Package Deal: Choose our package of 8 lessons, starting at $59 per lesson.

Ready to Dive In?

Help your child embark on a water adventure filled with safety and joy! Contact our Aquatics Team at aquaticsdirector@spa23.com or call 973-839-8823, extension #3, for more information and to dive into a world of aquatic excellence! Don’t wait; let the journey begin today!


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