Important Member Update: Covid-19

Dear Members and Friends of Spa 23 Fitness and Lifestyle,

On behalf of the 125 team members of Spa 23 Fitness and Lifestyle, we hope that this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and well.  This is a very challenging time in the history of our country, but we are confident that we will all get through this together.

As you are well aware, Spa 23 Fitness and Lifestyle was closed by order of Governor Murphy on March 16th at 8pm. On March 16th we immediately froze every Membership, including Swim School group, Private Swim lessons, Personal Training, and Pure Massage.

Most members paid their March dues on March 1st and will be owed 15 days for the remainder of March.  Some members were billed on March 15th for April, and will be owed one month. Our policy is to make good on every single day for which you had already paid when the club is not open due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  When the club reopens, there will be no billing until all of the days and weeks owed to you have been accrued.  Only then will your billing resume.  Other clubs, we have learned, are still billing their members, and some have given the members the option of being billed or not.  Rest assured, Spa 23 will never make you pay, or ask you to pay, for any privileges or services we did not deliver.

While we have been closed we have made good use of the time.  The entire club has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, repairs have been made where necessary, and we’ve painted some areas that were needed.

As you know, exercise is a great immunity booster. A study by the Human Performance Laboratory of Appalachian State University, North Carolina Research Campus, and published in the Journal of Sport and Health Science, May 2019 found that:

·         Acute exercise is an immune system adjuvant that improves defense activity and metabolic health.

·         Data support a clear inverse relationship between moderate exercise training and illness risk.

·         Habitual exercise improves immune regulation, delaying the onset of age related dysfunction.

Now you need Spa 23 Fitness and Lifestyle more than ever!  Stay connected with us by reading The Spa Ledger emailed every Friday, or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.  You’ll get valuable news and information about the club, as well as exercises you can do in the privacy of your home.

Finally, we’re helping you stay fit and healthy while social distancing so that you don’t miss a beat when we reopen. We will be giving you, your family, and friends access to two free options for workouts.  We know it’s not the same as working out at Spa 23 Fitness and Lifestyle, but please take advantage of it.  Just use the following links below:
We’ve partnered with both Mossa Move and LifeFitness so you can stream free workouts.

1) Mossa Move will offer 8 different formats and will be free for 60 days.:                             

2)Lifefitness Digital Coach On Demand Workouts is free and offers a variety of full body work outs

Thank you for giving Spa 23 the opportunity to be your Fitness and Lifestyle Club.  We appreciate having you as our member. We look forward to welcoming you back home when we open.

Very truly yours,
Joe Pedatella             Cary Adler

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