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CrossFit is for Everyone

Explaining the benefits of CrossFit is simple. CrossFit is a fitness program for everyone regardless of age or ability who is interested in improving fitness. CrossFit provides immediate, noticeable, and positive results.

Explaining CrossFit can be a bit more complicated. CrossFit treats every participant as an individual, and seeks to challenge that individual with a constantly changing program featuring a wide range of functional movements performed at high intensity through a variety of modalities.

Simply put, CrossFit develops and maintains one’s ability to engage in the activities that improve and extend the quality of life. The truth is, CrossFit has very broad appeal to folks from every walk of life. It certainly is popular with military, law enforcement, and firefighters, but there are plenty of others, from kids to senior citizens, who CrossFit regularly. They do so to improve their ability to perform basic functions of their professions or their personal lives.

For example, the squat is the single most important exercise one can do, it is a functional movement. Anyone who cannot squat cannot engage in normal daily activity, and must have some sort of care provider, whether a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility, or being a shut-in. CrossFit insists on working to perfect the squat and other foundational, functional movements. It doesn’t matter whether you can squat while holding a load overhead that is twice your body weight, or just do a few “air” squats—doing squats properly and frequently builds overall fitness in a way that is ignored by most people, and ignored by many other fitness programs.

Most popular thinking about what fitness is, and most products and programs offering fitness, lead to being overworked in some areas and under-developed in others. The long-distance runner and the body builder are two good examples of the opposite extremes of the standard approach to exercise, but CrossFit insists that neither portrays true, balanced fitness. CrossFit offers balance. CrossFit also offers measurable improvements in endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, and accuracy.


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